Therapeutic Tutoring

Teaching young children and adolescents the 3 R's: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic

Learning is FUN!!!

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I provide a comfortable learning environment for young children and teens where they will feel accepted regardless of their learning challenges. My approach focuses on your child's strengths and supportive adults in their lives.

My tutoring skills include:

~Teaching children how to read and increasing reading fluency

~Helping children and teens improve writing skills and understand the writing process

~Teaching elementary children math skills and using positive reward systems for math fact memorization

I believe in applying the one-to-five ratio when working with kids. This means for every negative there should be 5 positives. Children should not be criticized for their performance on tasks, unless it is constructive criticism or simply a gentle correction. Research shows children will thrive if we focus on their personal strengths. This approach works best in helping them achieve their academic goals.

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Donna Andrus, LPC

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