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Welcome to my Blog! I enjoy sharing information and new developments in Counseling. Healing and Growth are a wonderful journey.

What is Counseling?


What is counseling? Here's a short video of counselors explaining what it means to them. There is no simple definition for counseling. It is a personal experience that has different meanings for different people. Some people come in for counseling who are looking for relief from their symptoms. Others come in to work on specific goals for personal enrichment and growth. Many come in unsure about what they really want to see change but feel the need to explore their thoughts, feelings, and relationships. Some people wait until they have reached a low level of functioning due to debilitating symptoms or unresolved painful life experiences. In my experience, these people often feel better just from unloading their burden for the first time on someone who will listen without judgement. If you decide to try counseling, remember it is your own personal experience and no one can define what it means to you. That is how and when the healing starts--when you take ownership of your own experience.

Embracing LGBTQI+ Children

It is important for parents to be supportive and open to learning about what their LGBTQI+ children are experiencing. By simply listening to them without reacting in fear or anger, they can do wonders for their mental health. I love the way Teresa talks about the strengths and resilience of these youth and encouraging their parents to become activists for their children by becoming "part of their youngsters' life...," by embracing "their friends just like any other youngster's life."

Teen Anxiety & Depression

Adolescent anxiety and depression are real life conditions affecting the whole family. This is an important read for all parents. Depression, anxiety, and self-injury have increased significantly in teens since 2012 and this article explains some of the theories behind it especially in regards to social media. So many parents of teens, who thought their children were fine, sadly found out they weren't. It also informs you on how you can help your child.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Explained

Seasonal Affective Disorder or Seasonal Depression is quite common and affects at least 10 million people across the United States. In this video, the Center for Addiction and Mental Health gives a basic explanation of the signs and symptoms, common forms of treatment, and exercise as a preventative or maintenance treatment. Suggestions include light therapy, prescription medication, and/or a natural substance. Dr. Levitan also points out that Seasonal Depression can also lead to weight gain and obesity for some, though some weight gain is normal during the winter months. It is not hard to see how this can become a cycle (depression--weight gain--depression). Therefore being conscious of one's food intake as well as getting exercise can be key in helping you get control of Seasonal Depression. Seasonal Depression can be mild, moderate, or severe, and if you think it is something you might have-- visiting your doctor would be a good first step; or contacting a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist who can easily collaborate with your doctor if you choose. Medication may not be necessary if your depression is mild. Severe Depression should not go untreated. The good news is that this Disorder is treatable and many people find that they are able to enjoy the beauty of winter, and the many gifts it has to offer, once they get control of their depression.

Transgenders Have a Place In the Family


I hope you will listen to this father tell his family's story and hear his important message. The suicide rate goes up another 18% for transgender people who are rejected or abandoned by their families than for those who are not rejected. It is essential for parents to listen and learn, and to work to understand their transgender son or daughter. It could not only save their lives but also bring them relief from unnecessary suffering and lead to happiness. It is not the transgender person's choice to be transgender.

Coping with High Functioning Anxiety

High functioning anxiety is very common and this is how it can look..."A good first step is staring at it straight on and calling it by its name." This teen is "right on the mark" because the first step to changing anything is to confront rather than avoid. Avoidance can lead to other unhealthy behaviors such as self-injury, drug & alcohol addiction, and eating disorders. Once a child, teen, or adult confronts their anxiety, they are able to learn the tools for managing it. At that point, they become the driver of the vehicle and are no longer riding in the passenger seat.

Depression Around the Holidays

Holiday Blues is a brief article addressing depression around the Holidays. There are many factors that contribute to seasonal depression including physical behaviors as well as mental, emotional, and environmental stressors. Some people will experience a heightened sense of loneliness or despair as they compare their own family or life situation with others who appear happy in theirs. Social media can have a negative affect on people who already feel major areas in their lives are lacking compared to others. This article discusses poor eating and drinking habits, cold and dark winter days, and family dysfunction and loss to name a few contributors to depression around the Holidays.

Staying Calm in Difficult Situations

Tara Brach demonstrates here what it means to Be Present with what is happening rather than trying to control a situation. Navigate to my Mindfulness Page to learn more about this practice and the discounted package I offer.

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