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Mindfulness Practice

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Learn how to:

Calm your mind Relax your body Sharpen your focus Manage your emotions

Stepping stones

“Our life is shaped by our mind. For we become what we think” Buddha

Your 6 sessions will include:

A one-on-one personal interview

An introduction to the Practice of Mindfulness

Multiple guided exercises

“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.” Thich Nhat Hanh (Buddhist Monk)

Special Note:

This is not counseling or psychotherapy though I do incorporate Mindfulness Practice into counseling sessions if clients request it. This is a special offer of 6 one-on-one carefully guided sessions to teach you some valuable tools that are life-changing. I will accept BCBS for these mindfulness guidance sessions though a full clinical assessment will be necessary as well as a diagnosis based on symptoms. Mindfulness is for anyone!! It is a beautiful practice that has the potential of profoundly changing your life.

Listen to Tara Brach tell the story of a woman who recalls her own mindfulness meditation experience when she chose to "be" with what was happening. "Our happiness and freedom doesn't come from having things our way...it comes from how we're relating to our circumstances" Tara Brach.

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